Nominate your Favorite Charity
for a free Cleaning or Pest Control Treatment

Our Process:

Our team will pick a different charity each month and get in touch with them. We then arrange a site visit for one of our managers, from the nearest branch to meet with the person who run the organization.


He or She will then determine what services the charity need and how we can be of assistance. 

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Over the past 10 years in business, we have gotten to know many of our clients and partners closely.  As you know, at the Expert Group, we have always had a strong corporate value in supporting local NPO’s and charitable organizations.

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From our CEO – Sean Grobler: “We're proud to be giving back to the communities we serve and championing the issues that really matter to them, especially in this time of need. The coronavirus is having a major impact on charities and many are facing financial difficulties.

Our Group of services will continue to help charities at a time when they need it most and we know that for many charities, we can make a real difference”

Now we want to hear from all of you! Nominate your favorite charity for a free Cleaning or Pest Control treatment.

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