Pre- and Post Construction Treatments

You will be amazed to know that the termites have the potential to destroy a whole structure, which is why prospective buyers should insist on pre- and post construction Pest Control and also obtain the proof from your Builder / Construction Company, as these treatments generally carry a warranty.


Prevention is better than cure.  In the same way doing preventative pre or post construction pest control is a more extensive and cost effective treatment than acting when you already have an infestation.


The best option is to have both Pre- and Post Construction treatments done.


Pre- Construction is used to apply a treatment at the foundation level of a building under construction and a soil treatment to form a barrier and safe guard the building structure from termites. Treatment includes treating the soil on both sides of foundation walls, the voids in foundation walls, and the soil under plumbing penetrations in slabs and concrete around the periphery of the structure.

In Post - Construction Anti-Termite treatment, drilling is usually required to treat the interior walls, voids and plumbing penetration areas of the existing structure as well as the building materials.


This treatment is also recommended when you do any renovations or alterations to your home or office.