Fly Control - Commercial

A fly infestation poses a serious hygiene risk. Unfortunately, flies are attracted to conditions found in restaurants, food processing plants, supermarkets, butchers and other food retailers, where they can do the most damage.


Flies are known to carry numerous diseases, including tuberculosis, typhoid and cholera. Flies feed on decaying organic waste, and then transfer pathogens from their feet to human food and food preparation surfaces. Sanitation is crucial in preventing flies from infesting your business, restaurant or kitchen.

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Fly Control - Residential

Flies are unpleasant to have around. These pests create an eyesore in homes and often fly in people's faces or hover over food. While these behaviors are frustrating on their own, these insects also carry a variety of bacteria and other diseases.

In addition to that, flies often vomit and defecate where they land and feed. The transfer of germs takes a matter of seconds.


Some of the most common house fly diseases transmitted include food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea. These pests may also transmit the eggs of parasitic worms, which cause their own issues.

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