Deep Clean for new Baby

Having a clean home is extremely important when you bring a baby home, they are so new to the world that they can easily get sick and form allergies.  


New parents typically don’t have a lot of time to clean their home, and it may be wise to get a professional carpet or window cleaning.  


The last thing you need is a visitor pointing out the health hazards of a dirty rug / carpet. 


Sleeping Baby

Your cleaning can be combined with a disinfectant service to ensure no bacteria is left on any of the baby’s furniture, including car seats, cots and prams. Or you might feel the need to order a full house clean and get rid of all the dust so the baby is not exposed to such allergens.


Cleaning baby's Upholstery


When using a car chair, cot or any other baby appliance for the next baby, they should also be professionally steam cleaned and disinfected as a precaution. 

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High level Disinfectant Spray


Sterifog kills dust mites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew, mold and odors. It also stops the spread of viruses such as flu.


With a long lasting residual killing effect ideal for your home, office, industrial and medical facilities. Sterifog kills 99.9% of all microbes that cause illness and odors. It is harmless to people and animals and safe to use in sensitive environments. 


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