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Anti-bacterial Spray

We only trust Hospital Grade products for effective disinfecting. These products are tested against actual viruses and have a 6-Log Standard effectiveness (see illustration below) This hospital grade disinfectant spray can be used in your home and office.

Sterifog kills Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Mildew, Mould, Organic and inorganic odors.Contact your nearest branch to get a quote on our range of sanitizing products and anti-bacterial spray's

Effective Hand Hygiene:

A number of infectious diseases can be spread from one person to another by contaminated hands. These diseases include gastrointestinal infections, such as Salmonella, and respiratory infections, such as influenza.

Better hand hygiene can help prevent the spread of the germs (like bacteria and viruses) that cause these diseases.

​As per the illustration on the right, make sure your hand sanitizes are at least a 6-Log standard or contact us today to purchase our new hospital grade Alcohol Rub for your office and home use.

High Level Disinfecting Services

This service is ordered by a variety of clients, from companies fighting the spread of a virus as general as the common cold to industrial kitchens and medical facilities where the neutralization of pathogens plays an important role in their everyday business.

The specialized cleaning service help protect people and / or products in any facility by controlling the spread of harmful bacteria, virus, fungi, mold and dust mites.

Best used on a contractual basis, high level disinfectants are deployed to keep your business environment clean and healthy. Ideal for large corporations, schools and other learning facilities, industrial / manufacturing plants, medical and hospital use.

Fogging Service

Fogging is the answer for areas where normal cleaning and disinfecting chemicals can't reach. With this vaporizing of liquid a fine mist is suspended in the air and also on surfaces which leaves all contact areas slightly moist for about 10 minutes.

​Speak to us about a High Level Disinfecting Fogging Service to keep viruses at bay. It's a form of High Level Disinfectant shock treatment that bonds to virtually everything - Killing 99.9% of all microbes that cause illness.