Fogging Service

Fogging is the answer for areas where normal cleaning and disinfecting chemicals can't reach. With this vaporizing of liquid a fine mist is suspended in the air and also on surfaces which leaves all contact areas slightly moist for about 10 minutes.

This treatment is nothing new in our industry, in fact, for many manufacturing plants it's an essential service that is routinely employed to ensure adherence to health and safety protocol. In recent years Disinfectant fogging services has become a necessity for schools and large corporations. Each year during autumn and winter, the demand for this service surge as the flu season descends.


The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed this service into a household name, and has brought about many new businesses claiming to specialize in disinfecting services. When it comes to your health, go with the name you can trust: Speak to us about a High Level Disinfecting Fogging Service to keep viruses at bay. 

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How Fogging Works:

Disinfectant fogging is used to achieve decontamination of all exposed room surfaces, such as ceilings, walls, floors and equipment. This also provide disinfection of the air in the area being treated. After fogging, an additional period of 45–60min is required to allow the droplets to settle out of the air and onto the surfaces.


Understanding the principles behind thermal fogging, it is easy to see why this method is a safe and effective approach to better disinfection. Thermal fogging fills the entire room, including cracks and crevices that are difficult to reach with standard surface decontamination.


Thorough disinfection of surfaces is required to reduce the numbers of micro-organisms and to prevent transmission of potential contaminants. At Expert Cleaning Service we use a broad spectrum, food safe, SABS approved disinfectant spray with an 8.4 log reduction against all microbes, to fog entire rooms / offices / warehouses and other dwellings.


Complete SDS certificates are available on request and will be on site when services are rendered.

High Level Disinfecting Services


This service is ordered by a variety of clients, from companies fighting the spread of a virus as general as the common cold to industrial kitchens and medical facilities where the neutralization of pathogens plays an important role in their everyday business.


The specialized cleaning service help protect people and / or products in any facility by controlling the spread of harmful bacteria, virus, fungi, mold and dust mites.


Best used on a contractual basis, high level disinfectants are deployed to keep your business environment clean and healthy.


Ideal for large corporations, schools and other learning facilities, industrial / manufacturing plants, medical and hospital use.

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Workplace Signage

Download and print the PDF's below they depict safety compliance actions for staff and visitors to workplaces in connection with COVID-19.

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